Free Online Dating- Is It Right For You

Free online dating services have their part to play in the rapidly developing online dating market. It is becoming increasingly popular to head on line in search of a fun date, a little harmless diversion or in the hope of finding that perfect match for a serious long term relationship. It has never been so easy as to find someone that is ideally compatible with the same level of commitment to dating as you.

If you are new to online dating you are probably getting really confused as to whether or not you should save some money and go with a free online dating service or spend the money and pay for your dating experience.

There are two sides to the coin and people do have differing opinions but there does appear to be a common consensus of opinion that subscription online dating sites generally offer a more professional overall service and offer you a greater chance of finding the right partner than free online dating services.

Having said that there are a few online dating sites which charge a fair amount that still don’t provide the right kind of service so your success in the dating world is really down to which online dating site you choose and not necessarily the price you pay.

Whether or not you should try a free online dating service is partly down to the kind of person you are, your ability to bounce back after a disappointment and how quickly you want to find someone to share your life with.

If you are a pretty resilient kind of person and aren’t in any real rush then free online dating is worth a go. What you need to bear in mind though is that even though there are numerous sites supposedly offering you a free service it isn’t necessarily true. It maybe free to browse but many ‘free online dating sites’ charge for each service beyond that point so you might have to pay to be able to contact anyone you like the look of or to receive details of people who are interested in you.

Paying for just the dating services you use maybe fine for some people and not for others. If you are someone who likes to really play the dating field before making any kind of initial selection pay as you go services on free online dating sites might prove more costly than forking out for a monthly subscription.

If you are less resilient and likely to loose confidence free online dating might not be for you. Free dating sites are free for you to post as many profiles as you want which tends to leave the field open for pranksters or those who aren’t really interested, just posted their profile for a bit of fun.

Then there’s the profiles that are a far cry from the truth which free online dating sites tend to get more than there fair share of. Tall skinny, really intelligent blonds who are actually short, overweight brunettes or fantastic looking body builders who aren’t anything special in real life. Many of these people don’t even consider the consequences of what will happen if online dating proves to be a precursor to you actually deciding to meet up.

At the end of the day whether or not to use a free or paid online dating service is a matter of personal preference but if you decide to give free online dating a go make sure you know at what point the fees kick in and how much they are. Be prepared to pay to find out more about profiles which prove to be fake and don’t be disappointed if it takes you far more time and perhaps a lot more money to find a match.

4 Online Dating Tips for Beginners

The dating game has always been the most exciting game of all time. Thousands of men and women are always on the lookout for that significant other, and thanks to the internet, the playing field has become larger. Gone are the days when your choices for a romantic relationship include only your neighbour, your officemate, or a common friend. Today, online dating has made it quite possible to meet potential partners from across the globe.

However, do take note that online dating is such a competitive field. Everyone is putting their best foot forward, endeavouring to eclipse others, be the best there is. So, how do you stand out? Read on and find out some online dating tips to win you a date or two.

1. Create a captivating profile. Dating is like applying for a job, and your profile is your resume. A captivating profile is hard to leave and will make viewers want to know you. Do not be too professional – although it is like applying for a job, you are not actually applying for one. There is no need to put every company you’ve worked for, every award you’ve won, or every project you’ve handled. More often than not, a list of awards and achievements will make you come out as an intimidating, or worse, overbearing individual. Be casual and positive. Make your profile reflect the best in you.

2. Be positive. Ranting about your work or how much you hate your life will not earn you points. People in general are drawn to positivity, and that’s not a surprise. All the online dating tips you’ve read will be for nothing if people are automatically repelled by your negative outlook. Who would like to date someone who spends 90% of the time sulking and complaining? Your goal is to attract people, and to do so, you have to seem like someone who is fun to be with.

3. Post recent pictures. Putting pictures is a way to establish your presence online. It is easy to remember someone if there is a photo included on their profile. One common mistake when it comes to online profiles, however, is posting out-dated pictures. It is fine that you want to look good online, but it certainly will not help if your main profile picture is one taken ages ago, especially when it is time to meet up.

4. Dish out compliments. Compliments have a way of turning a stranger to a friend. Saying a simple “You look nice in that picture” or “That’s cute” is a friendly thing to do and might make others warm up to you. Also, that is one technique if you want someone to single you out. Everyone likes compliments – use that to your advantage.

There is no hard rule in online dating, but there is one guideline that you would do well to follow: Do not lie. All the four online dating tips enumerated are enough to keep you on the dating scene, but lying about your identity is sure to push things downhill. Be real. Lies, even white lies, can turn the first date into a disaster and spoil a brewing love story.


Commonly Used Terms and Definitions for Online Shemale Personals

If you want to date a shemale you need to begin by learning the proper terms and there definitions before beginning your search. In most cases when it comes to dating these exotic beauties the best place to search is through an online personals site. This is true because in our society, gays, lesbians, transgender and queer people are discriminated against and that makes it difficult for them to be honest about their sexuality in public. Here are the basics of commonly used terminology and there definitions:

Bi or Bisexual: Someone who is attracted to both male and female partners.

CD or Cross Dresser: People who dress in the opposite genders clothing but are not transgender.

Drag King: A woman impersonating a man typically done for shows and onstage.

Drag Queen: A man who impersonates a woman typically done for shows and onstage. Rue Paul is a perfect example of drag queen.

FTM or Female to Male: This is a female who was has become a male through hormone therapy and/or surgery or is in the process of becoming a male.

Gay: Individuals attracted to the same sex as their sexual identity.

Hermaphrodite: Born with both male and female genitals or has characteristics of both sexes.

Lesbian: People who identify themselves as a woman who are attracted to other women.

Pre Op: A transgender person that is transitioning from one gender to another but has not had any or full sex reassignment surgery.

Post Op: A transgender person that has completed their sexual transformation from one sex to another.

Queer: Individuals that do not have any clear signs of masculine or feminine features.

Shemale: A term coined by the adult film industry that defines a male to female transsexual. In most cases the term “shemale” is considered an offensive term.

SRS: Sex reassignment surgery. A person who is post op has had SRS and now completed their transition to their proper sex.

Transsexual: Another term for describing a transgender person. It is a loosely used term that can have many definitions.

Transgender: Can be either a person born with both male and female genitals or fall under the umbrella of being a transsexual.

Now that you have a better understanding of the terms and definitions used in the online transgender dating world you are more likely to have better understand who you are looking for. Since there are so many variations of transgender people it is very important to know what terms to search for and who you are looking to meet or date.